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Maximize your ROI with our Google Ads expertise. Our team of certified experts in the Canada will help you drive more traffic and conversions to your website. Let us help you achieve your business goals today!

Look no further. We know how critical Google Ads are to your business, and how they can help you reach a new audience through the internet or television. We bring fresh traffic to websites every day, so think of us as a partner in advertising, who leaves no stone unturned in search engine optimization (SEO) as well as social media marketing campaigns.

Digital Neha PPC is a Google PPC Canada specialist, which helps to maximize your daily budget, clicks, and conversions. As a reliable PPC expert in Canada, Digital Neha works to deliver high-performance campaigns for our clients.

We are an army of professional Ad Words experts, who create well-structured ads with intriguing copy and high-quality keywords to succeed in your Google AdWords campaigns. We are equipped with the right tools to take your business to dizzying heights in the shortest possible time.

Google AdWords expert in Canada who produces
outcomes based on data

We are a professional PPC expert in Mumbai who offers high-quality Google Adwords campaign setup and ongoing optimization services so that you get the most out of each penny spent on Google Adwords. We have expertise in handling all your digital marketing goals.

We have experience in managing Google ads for various verticals and will use that experience to help you set up your account. We can help you ensure you get the best return on your investment by managing your PPC account. So give us a call if you’re looking for Google AdWords professionals near me.

Providing Businesses in Canada With Ads Expert Services

Whether you need to increase your website traffic, improve search engine rankings, or grow your new business in Canada, we guarantee to earn you a return on your investment. Our team of trusted Google AdWords experts in Mumbai has been successfully increasing the performance of your campaigns for over a decade.

Google AdWords services

Internet ads

Digital Neha PPC is a Google AdWords expert in Canada. We ensure that you get the best results while optimizing and paying less for your campaigns. We help you generate organic traffic by placing search ads on established pages and search engines so that our clients can increase their revenue level and enhance the brand reputation of their business.

Display advertisements

We develop custom PPC strategies with the help of our designers and writers, who are experienced and highly skilled in copywriting and content creation. We maximize the potential for your ads by using vibrant photos and descriptions optimized for high-potential keywords. Our clients pay attention to our ads, which draw targeted traffic to their websites via attractive banners and images.


Are you looking for a Google Shopping campaign expert to help with your e-commerce website? Our professionals can help you create a product feed and landing pages so that Google can display your products in the right way. We work fast, and use our craft techniques to produce high-resolution images and custom fields that show up on search engine results pages.

Product listings advertisements

Product listing ads are a great way to generate qualified leads for any business. They let you display relevant details and show off what you have to offer, including your products, services, offerings, and other information related to your business. Consumers will take their time to compare packages and purchase them with trust if they wish.

Google Shopping Ads

Google marketing ads are the most powerful search engines where millions of people are searching online, so your business must be there in front of those people. If you want to experience success within the shortest amount of time and with minimum effort, then you need to hire Google ad experts who will help you achieve this goal by posting relevant ads that would generate maximum revenue from the searches made on Google. We have a team of trained specialists who are well-versed in Google algorithms and will help you to come up with a winning strategy that suits your business needs.

Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising is the best option for reaching an organic audience, generating brand awareness, and building a brand reputation. Through its world-class mobile ad services, Digital Neha PPC generates brand awareness, builds brand reputation, and converts passersby into long-term customers through brand awareness, reputation, and loyalty.

Call, Conversion, and Sales Tracking

We do business in the digital world, and so do you. At Digital Neha PPC, we offer more than just Pay-Per-Click advertising. Moreover, we keep records of every click a customer makes, products they search for, and phone calls to inquire about products. To entice consumers into buying a product and keep them coming back to make purchases, it is essential to understand their mindset.

Our Strategy

We can help you optimize the performance of your Adwords account by removing unnecessary keywords, gathering feedback from customers, and creating new, more relevant adverts. We have extensive knowledge of the process of Google Adwords canada management. With this information, we can improve the effectiveness of your current campaign.

First-level Consulting

In this conversation, we will dive into your industry or sector and ask you to talk about what sets your company apart from the competition. You can think of a phrase that applies to your business, like “We do things differently” or “We offer services tailored to our client's unique needs.

Keyword Delving

You will be able to see what keywords your customers prefer and what they leave off their searches. We will create a list of keywords based on this data and the research we do for you so that you can then make sure that your ads are on point with what would bring in the best results. The more targeted your content is, the better for all parties involved!

Developing a campaign

We take meticulous care to create professional ads that are cost-effective and innovative. If you have a specific AD group, we will create landing pages that will direct visitors to pages specifically designed for your group, resulting in higher conversion rates.

Management of campaigns

Our team of google ads experts ensures that your ads are in the best position on google. We constantly monitor and optimize our customers' campaigns daily so you're getting the most bang for your buck.


Monthly reports will be sent to you regularly so that you can implement different strategies that are most helpful. If a customer calls and they didn’t land on your live chat screen then get them connected right away, if they were emailed but don’t have an email address yet then set that up and we’ll send them a welcome email. By tracking conversion throughout the month we’re able to maximize performance for all and increase efficiency for agents.


Google Ads Results

Industry - Dog Training

  • Locations – USA
  • Clicks – 156
  • Impression – 1572
  • CTR – 9.92%
  • Cost – $437.76
  • We had generated No. of Leads – 11 Contact us form fill up within less than a month.
Google Ads Results

Industry - Hospitality

  • Locations – United Kingdom
  • Clicks – 8,501
  • Impression – 200,758
  • CTR – 4.23%
  • Cost – ₹149,204.73
  • We had generated No. of Leads – 523 Contact us form fill up & 152 Phone Calls.
Google Ads Results

Industry - Health & Fitness

  • Locations – India
  • Clicks – 7.72M
  • CTR – 9.92%
  • Cost – INR23.3M
  • We had generated No. of Leads – 92.7K

Why is Digital Neha PPC the greatest option for
your needs if you need a Google ads expert?

  1. Market conditions and market window:

We have implemented several solutions to ensure our customers reach the right audiences at the right time and for a price consistent with our performance. this will allow us to optimize your advertising spending and get you the results you’re looking for.

  1. A higher degree of Clarity:

We are a leading Google Ads expert in Canada, offering a wide range of services such as AdWords campaigns, AdWords budgeting & forecasting, AdWords SMS & Google text analytics. As part of our service, we strive to increase your visibility online by advising you on your ad spending to reach your target audience.

  1. Regionally Targeted Ads:

Online users are highly engaged with content around the place they live. If you plan to develop a mobile commerce app, location-based targeting is the way to go. It helps you aggregate a targeted audience that is already plugged into your brand, and drive high-conversion transactions.

  1. increased ROI:

We know that ads can be a crucial tool in getting your message across to potential customers and keeping them coming back. That’s why we use real-time performance tracking to measure ad spending so you can maximize ROI and not waste money.


Most frequent questions and answers

Over the past decade, we have been optimizing Google Ads campaigns and a variety of sectors under our belt. Today, we are one of the leading companies in India specializing in Google Ad words management services. We have a team of experts that can help manage your AdWords campaign effectively and efficiently across all sectors such as Mobile Advertising, ECommerce, Travel & Tourism.

In the world of advertising, PPC (Pay Per Click) is used by businesses to purchase ads that show up on Google Search Results pages. A lot of people are new to PPC and need some guidance to understand how it works and how much it costs. At Admap Network Pvt Ltd, we provide PPC services for Paid search campaigns. We handle all steps from setting up a campaign, creating ad copy and details, managing the advertisements budget daily, reporting results, and analyzing them.

At Digital Neha PPC, our Google AdWords certified specialists work hard to make sure your account is optimized and your advertisements receive the maximum hits and conversions possible. Your account belongs to you, and checking in will allow you to swiftly review its status. We occasionally talk about the performance of our clients’ accounts as part of our ongoing interaction with them.