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Google Ads Expert In Mumbai That Brings traffic to your business. Businesses can use Google Ads to find new customers through Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising With over 10 years of experience in Google Ads.

Digital Neha PPC is the leading Google Ads expert in Mumbai, delivering high-performance campaigns to our clients. As your reliable PPC expert Mumbai, we strive to maximize your daily budget, clicks, and conversions.

In Mumbai, Our Google Ads Expert is ready to help you create well-structured ads with intriguing copy and high-quality keywords to succeed in your Google Ads campaigns.

Google Ads Expert In Mumbai That Delivers Data-Driven ResultsWe are a team of professional PPC expert in Mumbai offering our clients high-quality Google Ads campaign setup and ongoing optimization services so that you can get the most out of each penny spent on Google Adwords.

Google Ads Setup And Management Services

As a trusted google AdWords expert in Mumbai, we help businesses manage Google Ads in Mumbai. Whatever size your company might be, we guarantee to help you maximize the performance of your Google AdWords campaigns to ensure the highest return on your investment.

Check out our Google Ads services:

Paid Search Marketing

Search Ads: By placing search ads on established pages and search engines, search ads help a company increase organic traffic and increase ROI. By improving your visibility on Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. You can count on Digital Neha PPC as the google Adwords expert in Mumbai to raise your ranking high on SERPs and create a brand identity and reputation that viewers will remember.

Paid Search Marketing

Display Ads: With the help of our logo and graphic designers, we develop custom PPC strategies for investment in creative display ads. These eye-catching PPC-specific display ads draw targeted traffic to your website via tests, images, banners, etc. For clients to pay attention to our content, our highly skilled content creators use vibrant photos and descriptions optimized for high potential keywords.

Paid Search Marketing

Remarketing: With the help of our top-of-the-line Google ads management services, we can devise ways to entice consumers to purchase products that have caught their eye but have been unable to make their way into their shopping cart. Our google ads expert in Mumbai aims to rekindle lost interest in our services by offering consumers deals they can’t afford to miss. With our solid remarketing strategies, our remarketing specialists engage potential customers more personally.

Paid Search Marketing

Product listing ads: In terms of generating qualified leads, this is a beneficial tool. Our product listing ads let you display all of the products, services, offerings, and other information related to your company on your website using our product listing ads. There is plenty of information at consumers’ fingertips so that they can take their time to compare packages and purchase them with trust if they wish.

Paid Search Marketing

Google Shopping Ads: In terms of services, this is the king of them all. Considering that Google is the most popular search engine, Google marketing ads ensure that our ads experts are posting relevant ads that will generate the maximum revenue from the searches made on Google. Keyword phrases can help improve your brand’s visibility online by incorporating them into your online presence. Our Google ads campaigns can simultaneously increase brand awareness and growth curves while enhancing the overall brand image.

Paid Search Marketing

Mobile advertising: Nowadays, mobile phones are the most common tech gadgets. To reach an organic audience, mobile advertising is the best option. Through its world-class mobile ad services, Digital Neha PPC generates brand awareness, builds brand reputation, and converts passersby into long-term customers through brand awareness, reputation, and loyalty.

Paid Search Marketing

Conversion / Call / Sales Tracking: At Digital Neha PPC, we offer more than just Pay-Per-Click advertising. Moreover, we keep records of every click a customer makes, products they search for, and phone calls to inquire about products. To entice consumers, it is essential to understand their mindset.


Google Ads Results

Industry - Dog Training

  • Locations – USA
  • Clicks – 156
  • Impression – 1572
  • CTR – 9.92%
  • Cost – $437.76
  • We had generated No. of Leads – 11 Contact us form fill up within less than a month.
Google Ads Results

Industry - Hospitality

  • Locations – United Kingdom
  • Clicks – 8,501
  • Impression – 200,758
  • CTR – 4.23%
  • Cost – ₹149,204.73
  • We had generated No. of Leads – 523 Contact us form fill up & 152 Phone Calls.
Google Ads Results

Industry - Health & Fitness

  • Locations – India
  • Clicks – 7.72M
  • CTR – 9.92%
  • Cost – INR23.3M
  • We had generated No. of Leads – 92.7K

Our Approach

We have extensive knowledge of the process of Google Adwords management. With this information, we can improve the effectiveness of your current campaign.

Initial Consulting

During our discussion, we will explore your website, business, and industry and ask for information on your competitors. Any industry-specific phrase that you can think of would be greatly appreciated.

Research of keywords

It will be our responsibility to create a list of keywords based on your keywords and the research we do for you.maximise quality scores and conversions.

Campaign Development

By choosing the proper targeting and ad copy for your ad campaign, we will ensure that it is cost-effective and innovative. If you have a specific AD group (keyword group), then we will create landing pages that will direct visitors to pages specifically designed for that group.

Campaign Management

Our team of google ads expert near me continuously
monitors and optimizes your campaigns daily.


The monthly reports will be sent to you regularly. Conversion / Call / Sales Trackingmaximise quality scores and conversions.

What makes Digital Neha PPC the best choice for your Google ads expert needs?

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Market place and time to market: This will allow us to reach your relevant target audiences faster by better managing your ad spend according to your performance.

A greater level of visibility: As a leading google ads expert in Mumbai, we offer a wide range of services. As part of our Google ads service, we strive to increase your visibility online by advising you on your ad spending to reach your target audience.

Geographically Targeted Ads: By utilizing location-based targeting, we can reach targeted online users. With this approach, you’ll get better conversion quality no matter where you are.

Maximized ROI: Our ads experts Services Team uses real-time performance tracking to determine the most effective strategies to maximize client returns on investment (ROI).


"Working with this seller was very easy. It was easy to communicate with this seller. He did his best to answer my questions. He gave very helpful suggestions on how to optimize my website in order to make sure that the SEM campaign worked. I probably will stay with this seller for all my SEM needs!"​
Tobi Walker (USA)​
"Communicated effectively and provided the services I requested. Her website audit was thorough and efficient. Her professionalism, knowledge and level expertise was valued, as I am one who appreciates excellent customer service. "
Alpha J Myers (USA)
"Communicated well, explaining approach to each campaign. I will use service again!"
Rose Salem (USA)
"Great working with the seller and completed the task quickly."
Bryan Bourgeois (USA)
"Knowledgeable seller who also went beyond scope. Was a great discussion"

Conrad Guntzenbach (Singapore)

FAQs About Google Ads Expert

Most frequent questions and answers

Google AdWords (formerly known as Google Ad) is a marketing campaign using Google’s search engine to advertise your company and your products and services. The term “Pay Per Click” (PPC) refers to advertisers paying for each click they receive. A Google AdWords account lets you upload text ads, images, or videos to Google and their partner sites as a way to advertise your business online.

An advertisement module known as PPC (Pay Per Click, or PPC) is the act of advertisers paying for each click on their website. As part of a platform known as Google Ads, advertisers must pay a fee to access the platform’s PPC module. Google AdWords agency in Mumbai can handle your ads on most of the platforms on which you can run your PPC ads, which is offered by many platforms from where you can run your ads. Through our PPC module, we are experts in running PPC campaigns on platforms such as Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

A Google Ads campaign can be structured in several ways. Firstly, you should set up your daily budget and bids for clicks and impressions. CPC (Cost per Click) bid strategies are the most popular types of bid strategy because you will only be charged when the user clicks on your ad, and the amount paid for the clicks will be deducted from your daily budget. You will no longer be able to see your ads on Google once your daily budget has run out. PPC experts are essential for managing and optimizing your budget for your ads over a day to achieve the best results.

Ad managers are the key to running ads effectively and achieving the best results. The Digital Neha PPC Google Ads certified managers possess extensive knowledge and experience in Google Ads services. Our marketing team can assist you in achieving your marketing goals.

Over the past decade, we have been optimizing Google Ads campaigns and a variety of sectors under our belt; Digital Neha PPC has a dedicated team of Google AdWords experts in Mumbai. With our experts, you can manage your Ads campaign efficiently regardless of your industry.

Our certified Google AdWords experts at Digital Neha PPC work hard to ensure your account is optimized and you get the most clicks and conversions from your ads. You are the owner of your account, and you can quickly check the performance of your account by logging in. As part of our continuing relationship with our clients, we also discuss their account performance from time to time.

Putting small and medium businesses in front of the right audiences is one of our specialties as an experienced Google AdWords agency in Mumbai. Our team at Digital Neha PPC is dedicated to providing quality Google AdWords management services by utilizing basic and advanced features.


We have managed Google Ads campaigns for companies across various industries for more than ten years. Since we have extensive experience with Google AdWords, we can design a custom strategy for each client.


Also, we educate you on why we are doing things with our Google ads services in Mumbai. With years of experience in Google Search, Display, YouTube, and App Install campaigns. Our PPC experts provide you with the best return on investment possible.