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Our Results

Google Ads Results

Industry - Dog Training

  • Locations – USA
  • Clicks – 156
  • Impression – 1572
  • CTR – 9.92%
  • Cost – $437.76
  • We had generated No. of Leads – 11 Contact us form fill up within less than a month.
Google Ads Results

Industry - Hospitality

  • Locations – United Kingdom
  • Clicks – 8,501
  • Impression – 200,758
  • CTR – 4.23%
  • Cost – ₹149,204.73
  • We had generated No. of Leads – 523 Contact us form fill up & 152 Phone Calls.
Google Ads Results

Industry - Health & Fitness

  • Locations – India
  • Clicks – 7.72M
  • CTR – 9.92%
  • Cost – INR23.3M
  • We had generated No. of Leads – 92.7K
  •  Contact us form fill up.


"Working with this seller was very easy. It was easy to communicate with this seller. He did his best to answer my questions. He gave very helpful suggestions on how to optimize my website in order to make sure that the SEM campaign worked. I probably will stay with this seller for all my SEM needs!"​
Tobi Walker (USA)​
"Communicated effectively and provided the services I requested. Her website audit was thorough and efficient. Her professionalism, knowledge and level expertise was valued, as I am one who appreciates excellent customer service. "
Alpha J Myers (USA)
"Communicated well, explaining approach to each campaign. I will use service again!"
Rose Salem (USA)
"Great working with the seller and completed the task quickly."
Bryan Bourgeois (USA)
"Knowledgeable seller who also went beyond scope. Was a great discussion"

Conrad Guntzenbach (Singapore)
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